Bon Jour Monogramista T•D

30th November

Regular Lines EU Tour

University of Arts in Poznan
Poznan / PL
7:00 pm

Cluster ensemble goes Europe!

Regular line tour 2015: 6/9 Berlin /N.K Projekt 8/9 Oslo /Podium 10/9 Copenhagen /Verdenskulturcentret

A day of Slovak contemporary art organized by Platform 1-12.

Regular Line 2015 is an event evolving around the conceptual art of Monogramista T•D. including music, art exhibition and intermedia performance.

Concert of Cluster ensemble playing Similar Motion by Philip Glass.
Intermedia performance Bonjour Monogramista T•D, with Petra Fornayova and Maja Osojnik.
One day pop-up exhibition Portraits of Masters by Martin Derner.



Music with Changing Parts. Slovak premiere.

Philip Glass' composition Music with Changing Parts (1971) had a slovak premiere in Ars Nova festival in Košicie on 6th of june 2015.

“After the arrival to Košice we went to the concert, where Cluster Ensemble played, with absolute brilliance, Glass‘ Music with Changing Parts. This piece from 1971 varies in length from 70 minutes to 3 hours. At the time the composition was written Glass used to perform it with his ensemble [The Philip Glass Ensemble]. Since then, not only has he not performed it, he couldn’t even have heard it, because nobody else found the courage to pick up the piece. 

When he found out that the Slovak group had prepared the piece, Glass asked, with surprise: “Where did they get the material? It wasn’t even published.” The truth was, that it had indeed been possible to order the music, but nobody did, until now. This was the first case. And the young musicians (up to 30 y. of age) play the piece as if it was Glass himself with his ensemble, with the same enthusiasm, the same precision, magic and a certain feeling, which – fortunately – cannot be described with words. After the concert Glass said: “If the young generation can play it like this – I am satisfied.”

For me everything would be in perfect order if this music was performed at least as often, as they do with the concerts by Tchaikovsky or with Chopin’s etudes. This kind of music has a lot to say to us, but it seems rather strange that we are somehow still not ready to take it in.”


Anton Batagov

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Cluster ensemble

Guests artists

  • Lenka Novosedlíková


  • Roman Laščiak

    sound engineer

  • Maja Osojnik


  • Marie Knapova


  • Maria Hernando


  • Tibor Trulik


  • Jakub Jeňo


  • Lenka Rajchmanova


  • Andrej Hlinka

    sound engineer

  • Matej Lacko

    graphic design

  • Paola Salvatore


  • Eun Joo Noh


  • Daniel Matej


  • Barbora Janáková


  • Boris Meluš

    graphic design

  • Jakub Pišek


  • Soňa Ferienčíková


  • Radoslav Piovarči


  • Daniel Raček


  • Kamil Mihalov


  • Nikolaj Nikitin


  • Martin Adámek


  • Veronika Vitázková


  • Muchal Murin


  • Yoko Kato


  • Dalibor Kocián


  • Zuzana Biščáková


  • Zbyněk Prokop


  • Peter Machajdík


  • Jana Tereková


  • Milan Adamčiak


  • Lucia Csajka


  • Slavomír Šmálik

    sound engineer

  • Marek Kyjanička

    graphic design

  • Andy Závodský

    film maker

  • Eva Šušková


  • Petra Vladyková

    film maker

  • Braňo Dugovič


  • Petra Fornayová


  • Róbert Kolář


  • Martin Derner

    graphic design

About us

The word cluster has several meanings in English. Those which relate the closest to the ensemble’s name are “group” and “key” (simply, “a group of keys”). I remember how it all began: Ivan Šiller, then a PhD. student at the Academy od Music and Performing Arts, led a special seminar for pianists which aimed at presenting the 20th and 21st century piano literature to the young musicians. One of his dreams was to perform Steve Reich’s Six Pianos together with the students. But where to find six pianos in one room in Slovakia? Well, in a music instruments store! In Medená street in Bratislava…


It was an extraordinary experience. The store was full of people, others were standing outside, on the sidewalk in front of the shop window. And inside… Six Pianos performed by Ivan and his students. Later it was Reich’s Four Organs, a slightly different group of keys, in A4 [a culture centre]…

After some time the initial idea – in our milieu an utterly brave and original one – of playing pieces where keyboard instruments prevail grew to encompass graphic score and other unusual works. Cluster Ensemble – a group of uncommon people, playing uncommon music in uncommon ways – stands today undoubtedly for a high level of quality. Ivan, Fero and other search for and discover the music for us, then they study it and perform it. Always with excitement, love, concentration and creativity. And then, in their hands, the music – whatever its origins might be – speaks to us in a very intense tone…


Daniel Matej, May 23, 2015

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